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About Beth

IMG_8037Currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Beth is a Food Sylist, Photographer, and Recipe Developer.

Growing up in Minnesota, Beth was always a creative soul.  She did everything from playing the piano and guitar, to singing, drawing, and dancing.  Baking was just something she did for fun – she never imagined it would become her passion.

A scholarship to Aquinas College brought Beth to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she studied History and Secondary Education to become a high school teacher.  After a trip abroad in 2011 though, Beth knew that her heart was pulling her towards a new path.  She decided to finish her Bachelor’s Degree and then dove headfirst into the world of Food Photography and Food Styling.

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Foodinary was featured by Aquinas College in June 2012.  Click here for the story.


About Foodinary

My excitement for food has been a recent addition to my life story.  I had always enjoyed baking with my mom growing up, but it wasn’t until 2011 that cooking became such a big part of my everyday life.

I journeyed to Tully Cross, Ireland in January of 2011 for a 4-month experience abroad with 20 or so others from my college in Grand Rapids, MI.  It was there in our tiny town in the Irish countryside that I developed a passion for food.  Every spare moment was spent dreaming up recipes or better yet, making them for my cottagemates.  I started photographing these creations and journaling my thoughts and reactions to each one.

It was after I returned home that I discovered “food blogging” was an actual thing people did…Obviously, I was sold!

With very little knowledge of the technical aspects of blogging, I recruited some help in setting up the blog.  So without much experience in blogging or photography- Foodinary was born in September of 2011.

Here you will find my thoughts, recipes, restaurant reviews, and more.  As a twenty-something, keep in mind that all of my cooking is done in my apartment’s tiny galley kitchen.  To make something delicious, you just need some good-quality ingredients and a little imagination- Not expensive gadgets or fancy stand-mixers!

I’m a simple girl with a big passion for food, and I am so excited to share my adventure with you!