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03 Jun

Thoughts from my Kitchen

My Tiny Kitchen | Foodinary

There is something unique about sharing a part of yourself on the internet. Since 2011, I’ve shared with you bits and pieces (sometimes more, sometimes less) about the goings-on in my kitchen, but I’ve always just tried to share the most “picture perfect” moments.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many blog posts […]

27 Dec

Blackbird, Chicago

Blackbird | Foodinary

There are too many restaurants that toss together meals as if they were on an assembly line – even if you have great ingredients, if not given the care and respect they deserve, the true essence and potential of those ingredients can be lost.  It really is inspiring when you have a meal crafted with creativity […]

21 Dec

Café Ba-Ba-Reeba!


The end of the semester has finally come to a close!  I have been yearning to share some recipes, rambling, and reviews with you all, but after nearly 50 pages  worth of history papers, my fingers are just exhausted from writing… Cooking was unfortunately  pushed to the back-burner in order to get through final exams. […]


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