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10 Jun

The Classic B.L.T.

B.L.T. |Foodinary

In my post recent posting, I mentioned that I was going to try to share more of my day-to-day encounters with food, not necessarily just recipes that are completely innovative and unique. Well, with that in mind I thought I would take a quick snapshot of my weekend lunch – A classic B.L.T. Bacon. Lettuce. […]

27 Dec

Blackbird, Chicago

Blackbird | Foodinary

There are too many restaurants that toss together meals as if they were on an assembly line – even if you have great ingredients, if not given the care and respect they deserve, the true essence and potential of those ingredients can be lost.  It really is inspiring when you have a meal crafted with creativity […]

18 Jun

Bortell’s Fisheries

Bortell's Fisheries

If you’re a fan of fried or smoked fish, this is a great little gem in Northern Michigan.  Located in Ludington, Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan, Bortell’s is a family owned operation that specializes in serving fried fish cooked to order. I had heard a lot of great reviews of this place which […]

06 Apr

The Great Chili Dog Taste Test

Chili Dog Taste Test

If there is one thing I love, it’s visiting small towns with great restaurants. Things get even better when those restaurants have great rivalries. In Monroe, Michigan, the childhood home of General George Custer, there is a age-old battle regarding which establishment has the best chili dog: Vince’s Drive In or Monroe’s Original Drive In. […]

20 Mar

The Best Tacos in Grand Rapids

Tacos El Cunado

One doesn’t often think of Grand Rapids as a destination for great Latin American food.  The majority of the Mexican joints around town are very “Americanized” with oversized tacos and burritos smothered with cheese and sour cream.  So if you’re ever in our great city and want something more authentic, I highly suggest making your […]

06 Mar

A Middle-Eastown Luncheon @ Marie Catrib’s

Marie Catrib's

It is rare that someone can wait over an hour for lunch yet still have an incredible dining experience. Then again, that one hour wait becomes much more enjoyable when free samples of homemade granola bars and coconut brownies are included. After four years of living in Grand Rapids, this was my first visit to […]

21 Dec

Café Ba-Ba-Reeba!


The end of the semester has finally come to a close!  I have been yearning to share some recipes, rambling, and reviews with you all, but after nearly 50 pages  worth of history papers, my fingers are just exhausted from writing… Cooking was unfortunately  pushed to the back-burner in order to get through final exams. […]

20 Oct

Insane Italiano!

Trattoria Stella, Insane Italiano

  What does a duck, an insane asylum, and Italy all have in common?  I know this sounds like the beginning of a terrible joke, but it was actually part of my experience in Northern Michigan wine country. Last weekend I traveled up to Traverse City to soak in the fall colors and explore the […]


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